Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday #119: MindWar

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event that spotlights upcoming releases that we're
eagerly anticipating.

This week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" selection is:

MindWar by Andrew Klavan
Thomas Nelson-July 8, 2014

About the Book
When Rick lost the ability to run, he came one step closer to becoming a hero.
New High Score! New Record Time!
Rick nodded with grim satisfaction. He laid the game controller aside on the sofa and reached for his crutches.
Rick Dial was the best quarterback Putnam Hills High School had ever seen. Unflappable. Unstoppable. Number 12. But when a car accident left him crippled, Rick’s life as he knew it ended. He disavowed his triumphant past. He ignored his girlfriend. He disappeared into his bedroom—and into the glowing video screen.
But Rick’s uncanny gaming skills have attracted attention. Dangerous attention. Government agents have uncovered a potentially devastating cyber-threat: a Russian genius has created a digital reality called the Realm, from which he can enter, control, and disrupt American computer systems . . . from transportation to defense. The agents want Rick, quick-thinking quarterback and gaming master, to enter the Realm and stop the madman—before he sends America into chaos.
Entering the Realm will give Rick what he thought he’d never have again: a body as strong and fast as it was before the accident. But this is no game, there are no extra lives, and what happens to Rick in the Realm happens to Rick’s body in reality.
Even after Rick agrees to help, he can’t shake the sense that he’s being kept in the dark. Why would a government agency act so aggressively? Can anyone inside the Realm be trusted? How many others have entered before him . . . and failed to return?

In the tradition of Ender’s Game and The Matrix, MindWar is a complex thriller about a seemingly ordinary teenager who discovers a hidden gift—a gift that could make him a hero . . . or cost him everything.

Why I Want It
Andrew Klavan's books are always amazing and this one sounds rather good!


Ashna said...

Thanks for sharing. Here is my Waiting on Wednesday

Cassie said...

Hmm - I just left a blog that highlighted a teenage boy who was really into gaming and that led him to being a hero out to save the day.....with so many YA books revolving around female leads, it's nice to know that there are male protagonists too! Here's my link:

Abbi Hart said...

Ashna-You are welcome!

Cassie-Yeah they seem to be few and far between! This author's books are pretty much all male protagonist and my teenage brother loves them! He typically doesn't enjoy reading but he devours this author's books!

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