Saturday, November 01, 2014

Monthly Reflections #34: October 2014


Well this past month has been crazy so the only goal I succeeded in completing was my reviewing goal. We had my sis's wedding in the first half of the month and then the second half was sucked up with moving and helping my sister and friend with cleaning projects. That being said I did manage to get 8 books read and write 8 reviews so I'm still pretty pleased with how the month went!

Books I Read
So many good books this month but my favorite was definitely Surprised by Love! Julie Lessman's books are simply amazing! Second favorite was Deceived!

Reviews I Wrote:

In November I Hope To:
Read at least 12 books
Write 8 reviews


Melanie said...

I loved Deceived too! Hope you reach your November goals. :)

Bonnie Roof said...

You are amazing, Abbi!! I'm not a fast reader and tend to "savor" the books I read. Wasn't "Surprised By Love" wonderful?? One of Julie's best, and best of the San Fran series, I thought!! Never get enough of her writing!!

Shared Post!!

Julie Lessman said...

ABS!!! I am BLOWN AWAY that Surprised by Love was your fave out of ALL those fabulous books, WOW!! You just made my day, girlfriend, and I can't wait to read the review!! I assume you'll post it during the blog tour?

Hugs and more hugs, and throw a few more on after that!

Grace said...

I can relate to the business of a sister's wedding- my sister's wedding made for some crazy times, lol.
Looks like you had a good reading month. Love the cover of "Surprised by Love!" I ought to read more of Julie Lessman's books. REALLY liked her first one, but haven't fully read any more. :-P

Michelle said...

The `Surprised by Love` book caught my eye.
I will have to read your review on that one.

Stay warm!

Abbi Hart said...

Melanie-It was so good! Thanks!

Bonnie-Haha yeah, if I didn't read fast I'd never be able to even make a dent in my TBR pile! Oh my goodness yes Surprised by Love was amazing! And I agree it was my favorite of the San Francisco series!

Julie-It was no contest!!! Such a good book! Yes I will be putting my review up during the tour! Hugs back!

Grace-Haha yeah they are definitely crazy experiences! You definitely should read more of Julie's books! They are the best!

Michelle-It will be coming soon!

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