Thursday, November 13, 2014

Surprised by Love by Julie Lessman

About the Book
Shy and unattractive as a child, Megan McClare has always been teased by her classmates. But when she returns home from her senior year in Paris, the wallflower has suddenly blossomed into a beauty. With ambitions to become a lawyer or doctor, Megan accepts an internship at the district attorney's office only to discover that she will be working with Devin Caldwell, a boy who mercilessly mocked her at school--and with whom she was hopelessly enamored. She turns to her dear friend Bram Hughes for support and advice. But Bram's vision is clouded by his sudden unwelcome attraction to a girl he had always thought of as a kid sister. He advises forgiveness, but can he forgive himself for pushing the woman he loves into the arms of another man?
Fan favorite Julie Lessman draws a romantic triangle that will have readers in a tizzy in this glittering Gilded Age tale of transforming love.

My Thoughts
I am so in love with this book (as I am with all of Julie's books)! I could barely put this book down and had it finished less than eight hours after it arrived in the mail.
Bram and Megan were some of my favorite characters in the first two books of this series and I was beyond ecstatic to read their story! And what a story it was! I was totally lost in the turmoil that was their relationship. From worrying if Devin would manage to steal Megan away to feeling Bram's pain as he struggled with falling in love with someone he'd seen as a little sister and realizing he couldn't have her because of an obligation he felt he had to his father. I was unable to stop turning pages to see how everything would play out!
I loved how sweet and kind Megan was. She handled everything with an endearing gentleness and it was impossible not to love her! I also liked how she never let her new found beauty affect her attitude at all!
Bram was equally amazing! I loved he was always putting others above himself and that his relationship with God was so strong. It was hard to watch as he struggled through things that had happened in his past but I was so happy when he finally broke free of it.
I also loved that we got to see Caitlyn and Logan's relationship play out! Julie honestly had me worried for a bit that they wouldn't get a happy ending but I should have known she'd never do such a thing! Their story was so full of ups and downs that it just made the end result all the more sweet!
In short I adored this book and could not wipe the smile off of my face for a really long time!
(Also it was totally awesome to have not only my name but my niece's name in this book! Dream come true!)

Meet the (Amazing) Author
Julie Lessman is an award-winning author of The Daughters of Boston series, the Winds of Change series, and The Heart of San Francisco series. The recipient of seventeen Romance Writers of America awards, as well as many other accolades, Lessman was chosen as the #1 Romance Fiction Author of the Year in the Family Fiction magazine 2011 and 2012 Readers' Choice Awards. She resides in Missouri with her family. Learn more at

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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