Monday, June 14, 2004

1st vs. 3rd vs. Multiple 3rd

Point of view. It's many a writer's sticky wicket, and sometimes even published authors don't follow the rules. I personally like multiple third-person POV, which offers the freedom to get inside many characters' POVs at separate times. I try to keep mainly to two POVs, as many POVs prevent readers from connecting with the characters.

The two POVs are the standard characters when you have a romance plotline, the hero and the heroine. I'm only using the two for my romance novel, but I added several other POVs to my lengthy historical novel - a few scenes of the villains, one of the hero's father, and many near the end for the hero's sister (to add another side to a pivotal historical event and to whet reader interest for her story, which is the sequel.


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