Saturday, June 05, 2004


I hate middles. Writing them is like a murky bog the sun only shines on occasionally. Of course, if I planned out my novels scene by scene ahead of time, I wouldn't have that problem. But that method would ring every last bit of imagination from me and by the time I started writing I would have lost all enthusiasm for the project.

It's funny, though. Every writer I've heard who uses detailed outlines thinks they are the only way to go, while those who don't believe it's a matter of preference. Maybe the latter group is used to thinking outside of the box.


Anonymous said...

I used to agree with you about the detailed notes things...I've recently undertaken to write my first novel, and felt the "seat of the pants" method wouldn't work on a big project without going in too many different directions. I've found I can do both at the same time.

I have the basic progression written down, and as I sit down to write the scene, with a general idea of where to take it, it evolves on its own in spite of me. It's a real adventure.

I have the comfort of knowing where the story is going, in the big picture, and a rough idea of the structure, but how it gets there surprises me. I often daydream about scenes, as far as possible dialog and events, and then when I go to write it down, it comes out differently. It's a boat load of fun.

I guess all that to say, I agree with both methods, at the same time...which puts me in the middle, where the sun only occasionally

Dave Wagner
aka DaveWags at Faithwriters

Deb Porter said...

Hi Katie! I'm the opposite. I hate starts and finishes (although I love being finished!) The middle for me is a piece of cake. I just find getting on the "horse" and "dismounting" the hardest bits!

Love Deb x

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