Friday, June 18, 2004

Small Gains and Great Rewards

I'm trying to make this a daily blog, but my modem/phone line is not cooperating. Despite this, my writing today has been full of unexpected rewards.

I finally decided that I wanted Winter to tell Rob about the job on Friday, not Saturday (see book tenatively titled Evergreen published a year or two - hopefully - in the future), so now I know exactly what I'll be writing about up till Saturday night. Gives me time to plan the argument.

My sister, Anna, read what I've just written, and is begging me to write more of Winter's story. Rebekah, another sister, reread the ending of my first novel, and wants me to write the sequel ASAP. The cure for writer's block? Nagging sisters.

And I was assigned two articles that pay fairly well, and also include free books! (I write, not to keep bread on the table, but books on the bookshelf.)


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