Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Writing Order

One of last things I do to complete my rough draft is divide it into chapters. In my mind they're almost meaningless - the most use I have for them is splitting a scene to create a cliffhanger.

I usually develop my title as I enter the climax, though I play around with it throughout my editing. I call the book by the main character's name during the bulk of the writing.


Anonymous said...

I didn't even realise that I refer to my stories by the main female character until a friend pointed it out, calling it my "thing," sort of like James Patterson using nursery rhymes for his titles. But when a mystery comes out of the story you thought was a romance, a woman's name doesn't always fit, so some rethinking has to be done.

Titles come to me halfway through, or near the end. I have a finished short story without a name at the moment and it feels so odd!

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