Thursday, July 22, 2004


It's one of my favorite names in the Chronicles.  Melodious but manly.  A strange flavor but taken straight from our world.  Regal but not unreachable.  No annoying nicknames or whiny way of saying it.  A perfect name.

And our tiny black ball of fluff with claws, whiskers, and a little pink tongue doesn't quite live up to the name, but I hope he'll grow into it.  Melchizedek certainly grew into his, but Butterscotch fit the kitten but not the cat.  So choose your names carefully.  End of cat infomerical

Caspian is unique among Narnians.  He's the only character with his first name in a book title (though Prince Caspian when he's fighting for his rightful throne seems a bit out of place, but King Caspian would never work).  He appears in four books and plays a major part in two, more than any Narnian except Aslan himself.  He is the only Narnian to enter our world (Jadis does before Narnia was created, but she's from Charn).  We know more about his family and personal history than any other Narnian (though Shasta/Cor comes close).  All of the children from our world meet him before The Last Battle, except for Polly and Digory.  And there's more but I must stop for the night.


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