Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Here is Monday, and I haven't chosen the author for this week yet (I have plenty of excuses, though - company four days in a row, a picnic, reviews due, etc.). This a list of the novelists I'm considering for the weeks to come. Any preferences or ideas for writing topics to go with them?

Jack Cavanaugh
Ted Dekker (I want to wait until I read his trilogy first)
B.J. Hoff
Lawana Blackwell
Penelope J. Stokes
T. Davis Bunn
Michael Phillips
Judith Pella
Ray Blackston
Karen Hancock
Frank Peretti
Melody Carlson
Catherine Palmer

There are many more, I know, but I'm trying to choose authors that I've read a majority of their writings.


Katie Hart - Pinterest Manager said...

Not yet. I chose it as a review book (I love getting books in exchange for a little writing!), but my editor wanted to check it first, since it was ABA. I hope to get it to read soon.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see discussion of Frank Peretti. He's been a big influence on my writing. I first read his Darkness novels as a teenager and was blown away. I loved how his stories were ones of redemption, something I now try to write into my stories. My favorite character was, and is, Sally Beth Roe.


Anonymous said...

RAY BLACKSTON! Hilarious, intelligent, worshipful. Read the whole trilogy--it's like seeing the best feel-good movie of your life. At the end, you'll want to stand up and applaud!

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