Monday, July 26, 2004

Catherine Farnes

She's not a bestselling author.  Most bookstores only hear of her with special orders.  But her lean, powerful writing style captures the heart of teens.

Catherine Farnes has published six books through BJU Press, and her first, The Rivers of Judah, is my favorite.  Church politics and light romance enhance a story of blame, responsibility, and forgiveness.  Judah, a pastor's son, is blamed for his best friend's death in Alaska, and the guilt follows him to Rebekah's church in Colorado.

More than that, you'll have to read for yourself.  I highly recommend it and the entire series (Snow, Out of Hiding, and The Way of Escape follow it).  They're aimed at high school girls, but offer much to writers of teen fiction.


Cari C. said...

I just read 3 of these books , and I thought that they were great. I actually read The Way of Escape first, not knowing that it was part of a series. I am looking forward to reading Out of Hiding, because I enjoy the way Catherine Farnes writes.

What other good books would you recommend reading?

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