Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Books and Thanks

I still have dozens of books (at least 100) available for $5 each! Books by Lawana Blackwell, Stephanie Grace Whitson, Michael Phillips, and many, many more. I'll begin listing the titles once the stack becomes less overwhelming.

A few of you have ordered books or plan to soon - thanks! I've had about 1/3 of the novels people have requested on their wish lists, so keep asking away. For more details about how you can get wonderful Christian novels I'm running out of room to keep (and if you want to help me earn a car and computer), click here.

I really want to thank those who posted about my book sale for a free book - or simply just to help me out. Thanks so much!

C.J., co-founder of the awesome Christian books and music site, Title Trakk, posted about it on her blog.

Jason coined the phrase Books'R'Katie on his blog.

Mir made me laugh with her tale of bibliochaos.

And Deborah laments not knowing about this sooner before spending her money on more expensive books.

If I missed anyone, let me know. And happy reading!


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