Friday, February 02, 2007

Germ by Robert Liparulo

If you breathe, it will find you.

What if a germ could kill with the precision of a sniper? Imagine a virus so advanced it targets one DNA match. While others pass along a common cold, when the virus reaches its victim it mutates to Ebola, a disease that liquifies organs as the victim dies a slow and painful death.

That's the premise of Robert Liparulo's latest, Germ, which plunges readers into a frightening, realistic world of bioterrorism. A brilliant scientist bent on revenge has created a list of 10,000 targets: a complete spectrum of Americans from politicians and leaders to stay-at-home moms and children. The defection from his own team of scientists is squelched without mercy. Now only a few loose ends remain - Special Agent Julia Matheson, whose partner met with the defector; Allen Parker, the doctor who heard a few whispered words from a dying man; and Stephen Parker, Allen's brother. Are the three of them enough to stop a madman?

With deep characters and surprising plot twists, Liparulo creates an edge-of-your-seat thriller that's sure to please suspense fans. Although several scenes are a bit gruesome, I highly recommend this action-packed novel for older teens and adults.


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