Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Prayer

From Deidre Knight, Cec Murphey's agent....

Hi, friends:

I just had some very serious news from Cec Murphey. His home burned down to the ground this morning and his son-in-law was killed in the fire. He sounded shaken, but okay - he was so grateful that he was able to get his flash drive out, saving much of his work. I told him that I would spread the word for prayer support, and without inundating Cec with emails (which he won't get) or calls (which he doesn't need right now) could y'all get folks mobilized into some serious prayer action?

I've spoken with Cec and have his permission to put together a gift certificate to Target for immediate / short term essentials. We want to do one for Cec and Shirley, and also his daughter. If you would like to participate, please send a check to:

Deidre Knight
The Knight Agency
577 South Main St
Madison, Georgia 30650

Make sure the memo line of the check reads "for Cec Murphey."

Thanks so much. I just spoke with him and relayed the huge outpouring of love you are all expressing. He was incredibly grateful and moved.

Let's all pray hard! And please spread this word among Cec's friends and supporters.



Anonymous said...

I attended a mentoring workshop with Cecil just a few weeks ago. I am deeply grateful to him for his encouragement and tough love.

Best Wishes, Cec. :-)

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