Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Books, Books, and More Books

I have finally come to the place where I realize I have too many books (huge GASP from blog readership). Seriously - 8 packed boxes, 50 feet of shelf space, and still I have stacks of books around my room.

I also need money. I'm working part time at a Christian bookstore, and while I'm sharing shifts at the moment with a fellow employee who lives a few minutes away, I need a car ASAP. As well as a computer (my family's getting tired of me hogging theirs).

Amazon and eBay pay diddly-squat for books. Besides, I don't have time to list them. I spend the current time I get online responding to emails, doing database and other online work, chatting with a few friends who live far away, writing reviews, reading blogs, and blogging.

So I have a proposition for you all. While Amazon charges so many seller fees that amatuer sellers only make a little, they charge their buyers $3.49 shipping for every used book they purchase. I have a better deal.

How would you like to buy great Christian novels for only $5.00 each, including shipping? Sound great? Keep reading.

While I don't have time right now to list all the titles I have, why would you want to read through a whole long list anyway? You already know what books you want to read, and if you're looking for more, a quick browse through ChristianBook.com should yield a large wish list.

Send me your wish list - theloneislands at yahoo.com. I'll go through my books and zap you back a list of what titles I have from your list. Chose them all or just some, and I'll confirm that I have them reserved for you (first come, first serve!) and send you your total. Pay me via PayPal, and I'll mail them out!

Buy ten books and get your 11th one free!

Post about this offer on your blog and tell me about it while placing any order, and I'll send along a free book! Even if you don't order anything, but still post about this offer, email me and I'll post a link to your blog!

The $5.00 offer is only for US addresses. If you live in Canada, email me and I'll figure out your rates. For other countries, it likely won't be as great of a deal, but if you really want to order I'll send you the total once the titles are confirmed.

I try to keep my books nice but a few are more worn. I'll only charge $3.00 for those (less than Amazon shipping!). Also a few titles may only be available as ARCs - those will also be $3.00. Of course, you have the option of passing on those.

So, send me your wish lists! I have hundreds of Christian novels to chose from, including many complete sets!


C.J. Darlington said...

I posted about it on my blog. Good luck!

Jason said...

I posted too, after seeing it on Mirathon. Hope it works!


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