Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Bout of Books 9.0: Day 2: Challenges

Bout of Books

ReadingTactics List 
Hosted by Sarah Says Read

"How do you fit in as much reading as possible during Bout of Books? How do you squeeze in those extra pages?"

For me I just choose to read over other things, though I do take the time to do different things as well I just make reading the biggest priority. I also try to have a physical book and a kindle book going at the same time so I can fit reading in wherever I happen to be! I have the kindle app on my iPod which I take with me pretty much everywhere so any spare moment I have I read on that!

Audiobook Cast

"Pick your favorite book: If you were listening to the book being acted out over the radio waves who would you want being the voices of your favorite characters!"

Ok this was hard for me since I'm really not the type to pay a huge amount of attention to voices when I can hear them let alone in books but I gave it a shot. It's not the greatest but it's all I could come up with!

Miranda-Autumn Reeser
Matthew-Christopher Gorham
Blaze-Eric Christian Olsen


Unknown said...

Nice picks! I'm not familiar with your choices for Miranda and Matthew, but I'm currently reading (And Loving!) Made To Last, and I think Eric Christian Olsen is the perfect choice for Blaze!!! :D

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