Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Top Ten Characters I'd Never Want to Switch Places With

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

#1. Charlie West from The Homelanders by Andrew Klaven-He's on a crazy run for his life and I'd never make it!
#2. Thalli from The Anomaly Trilogy by Krista McGee-Yeah I wouldn't want to deal with all the stuff she has to!
#3. Jamie Cash from Don't Look Back by Lynette Eason-Serial killer-no thank you!
#4. Liberty Holloway from Widow of Gettysburg by Jocelyn Green-Her home is turned into a Civil war "hospital" and she's forced to help-I would not be able to stomach it!
#5. Cornelia de Vries from Snow on the Tulips by Liz Tolsma-I would never be able to keep the fact that I was hiding a man a secret!

Once again I needed my sister Becky's help and here are her picks!

#1. Chris Buckley from The Solitary Tales by Travis Thrasher-His world literally goes crazy and he's so often alone in it.
#2. Lydia Bennett from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen-She throws everything away for a guy who's not worth it and is too self centered to even care.
#3. Omar from Captives by Jill Williamson-His good intentions go far beyond horrible-everyone knows it and hates him.
#4. The Baudelaire Children from A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket-The poor trio, despite their cleverness and loyalty to each other, are constantly thrown into worse and worse situations...and on top of all that , they can never get the adults to listen until it's painfully too late.
#5. Sidney Grey from Sophie's Daughters by Mary Connealy-His personality is hideous. He wants respect so badly that he tries to demand it or buy it all of which makes everyone else see him as a pathetic weasel. I'd hate to be viewed as so small and pathetic, especially by my spouse.


Anonymous said...

Great picks! Lydia Bennett was a clever choice. I also chose characters I would never want to be.

Abbi Hart said...

AJ-Thanks! I agree that Lydia was a clever pick on my sister's part!

Rissi said...

Thalli? Yes, I agree! *shivers* That would be awful.

Abbi Hart said...

Rissi-Yeah I could not handle everything she did!

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