Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Preacher's Bride by Laurie Kingery

About the Book
When her little brother died, Faith Bennett lost her trust in God. She's kept this secret from the good people of Simpson Creek, yet she can't deceive Gil Chadwick. She'll be Gil's friend, but without a faith to match his, she can never be the handsome new preacher's bride.
Though Gil cherishes Faith's friendship, he wants a wife. And in kind, upright Faith, he's found her. The secret heartaches of his past fade as he watches her nurse his father. When danger finds her, he'll risk everything to save her. For where there's Faith, there's love…and the promise of a new beginning together.

My Thoughts
After loving the previous four books in this series I was quite excited to finally read Faith and Gil's story!
Gil was awesome! I loved how kind and caring he was and how he was able to find the right words to say in difficult situations. Faith was great too and it was really cool how she was constantly finding ways to help others. I felt really bad for Faith going through losing her faith in God and not feeling that she could talk to anyone about it.
The story, like all the others, was really well written with some great twists and I really enjoyed it!

Meet the Author
Laurie Kingery is the author of twenty-three historical romances. She won the Reader's Choice Award for THE RAVEN AND THE SWAN in 1994,and has been nominated for an ACFW Carol Award. Laurie lives in Ohio with her husband Tom (whom she met on eHarmony!). She has two children, seven grandchildren, and two dogs. She is a  veteran RN of an inner-city emergency room. A Christian since her teenage years, she is a member of Quest Community Church of New Albany.


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