Monday, March 31, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? #116

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Here is what I finished last week:
I was so happy to get all of these books finished this week! I adored Dancing With Fireflies, hated Vow Unbroken, really liked A Draw of Kings and Captives, and First Kisses was hit and miss!

What I am currently reading:
Rereading this before going to see the movie with my best friend on Tuesday!

What I hope to read this week:
Hoping to finish all three of these this week!

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It's Monday! What Are You Reading? #115
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Dancing With Fireflies by Denise Hunter
Uncompromising by Hannah Farver

Hope you have a great reading week, thanks for taking the time to check out mine!
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Unknown said...

You've got some fun books going on right now. I actually just finished a couple different now I'm eyeing the never-ending list on my kindle, trying to figure out what to read next. I've had Siri Mitchell's latest, Love Comes Calling, on deck for quite awhile, so I think I might go with that one.

Anonymous said...

How did you like "A Vow Unbroken"? Seems like an interesting read! I hope you enjoy "Outcasts"! I really enjoyed that one!

Here's my link if your interested!

Abbi Hart said...

Melissa-Yeah I've been trying to get through my review TBR! I always love that moment of figuring out what you want to read next. I'm really looking forward to Love Comes Calling and I hope you enjoy it!

Laura-I just really wasn't a fan of Vow Unbroken at all, I'll have my review up soon! I'm really looking forward to Outcasts!

Heidi Reads... said...

I'm halfway through the First Kisses collection and you're right, it's hit and miss. I enjoyed Linda Goodnight's story the best so far. I'm also reading A Beauty So Rare by Tamera Alexander and participating in my first street team with her book promotion! I've had Divergent on my TBR list for a while but haven't felt the urge to get back into that genre. The movie looks pretty intense!

Abbi Hart said...

Heidi-Yeah Linda Goodnight's was one of the best though my favorite was Lacy Williams's! I hope you enjoy the rest of them! I'm really wanting to read A Beauty So Rare-is it good?-and that's cool that you get to participate in her street team!
Dystopian is a genre you need to be in the mood for but I hope you do choose to finish it!

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