Friday, April 20, 2012

"Where Did All of These Books Come From?" Read-A-Thon

Tiffany from Book Cover Justice decided to host a 10 day Read-A-Thon so I thought it'd be cool to join. I read a lot anyway so why not have fun with it?! Also tomorrow I'm participating in Dewey's 24 hour Read-a-Thon, so I should get a decent amount of books done between the two.
Here are the "rules" for this one:
1. Read want you want, when you want, and at your own pace.
2. Post your daily progress.
3. Have Fun!

Tiffany is going to be doing a goals post in the morning and a progress report in the evening but I think I'm just gonna go with the progress report! I'll be titling them WDATBCF? Read-A-Thon Day...


Tiffany Drew said...

Thanks for joining! I hope you are able to knock a ton of books off your reading list :)

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