Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Top Ten Author Duos I Want to Write a Series Together

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

#1. Julie Lessman, Susan May Warren, Sarah Sundin, and Ronie Kendig-So this is four authors not two but I've had this idea for a series that is about four generations of men who fight in WWI (Julie Lessman), WWII (Sarah Sundin), Vietnam War (Susan May Warren), and the War on Terror (Ronie Kendig). These are all brilliant authors and I think this would be a fabulous collaboration!

#2. Melissa Tagg & Jenny B. Jones-My sides would literally split from laughter! These authors are hysterical and they would probably write the funniest series ever!

#3. Karen Witemeyer & Cathy Marie Hake-Two of my favorite authors when it comes western humor!

#4. Dani Pettrey & Irene Hannon-Both of these authors write contemporary suspense and I think they'd write a pretty awesome series together.

#5. Melanie Dickerson & Dina L. Sleiman-I think these two could write a fun retelling series together!

#6. Laura Frantz & Lori Benton-These two both write amazing books that take place in the early years of our country and they'd do a pretty good job writing a series together.

#7. Kate Breslin & Tricia Goyer-I think these two could write a pretty great WWII series together!

#8. Jill Williamson & C.J. Darlington-Both of these authors have written really brilliant Christian Dystopian and it would be cool to see what they would come up with!

#9. Shelley Adina & Melody Carlson-These authors could write a fun YA series!

#10. Jocelyn Green & Rosslyn Elliot-Great Civil War authors!


MeezCarrie said...

oh wow!! These alllllll need to happen!! We both had Irene Hannon but I matched her with someone else. Although, I certainly would not complain about a collaboration between Hannon and Pettrey! My TTT

Rissi said...

Fun pairings, Abbi! I didn't want to take the time to dream up pairs (nor did I think I'd be clever enough ;D). I second the Jenny B. Jones/Melissa Tagg pairing. Yes, please! :)

Abbi Hart said...


Rissi-Thanks! I didn't think I could do it either but once I started they just clicked!

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