Friday, October 02, 2015

Monthly Reflections #44: September 2015


September was a rather crazy month! I had two weddings for two very close friends at the beginning of the month. One at my home church and another the very next day in another state. After the second wedding I spent a couple days with my second family at the beach then we road tripped home. The next couple weeks were filled with work during the day and either spending time with friends or babysitting most evenings! So yeah I've been busy! I also had to deal with my laptop dying on me but thanks to an awesome brother I now have a new one and I'm up and running again! Due to my hectic schedule I only managed to finish 4 books but I did meet my goal of getting 30 reviews up!

Books I Read
Two non-fiction books and two fiction, all good!

Reviews I Wrote:

In October I Hope To:
Read at least 7 books
Post at least 5 reviews


Melanie said...

Whoa! 30 reviews?! Congrats on getting that many posted! Hope you read some more fantastic books in October. :)

Abbi Hart said...


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