Friday, August 17, 2018

Month in Review: July

July was by far the best reading month I think I've ever had! At the beginning of the month I took a reading vacation with my sister to Galveston beach (pictured above) and over the ten days I was gone I managed to read 19 books and start a twentieth! And a couple of those days actually had little to no reading time! I read some others the rest of the month bringing my total to 25 for July! So many good books-couldn't pick a favorite if I tried!

Books Read

Goal Progress

-Read 150 books 117/150
Passed my goal of 75 so I upped it to 150
-Read 12 Christian Living Books 10/12
-Read 2 educational books and/or biographies 1/2
-Finish 1-2 classics 2/2
-Read 75 non-review fiction books 68/75
Way exceeded my goal of 15 so I've changed it to 75
-Read 20 kindle TBR 12/20
Upped this from 5 to 20
-Try 20 new-to-me authors 23/20
Went from 5 to 20 with this as well

This year has been a much better reading year than the last couple so most of my goals that originally found optimistic turned out to be completed or surpassed before the first half of the year was over.


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