Monday, September 23, 2019

Finders Keepers by Sarah Monzon

About the Book
He’s looking for fortune. She’s looking for fame. Together, they find an adventure that spans centuries—and a love story for the ages.
Spain, 1689
The same evil that stole her mother’s life stalks Isabella Castellano. Afraid for her safety, Isabella disguises herself as a cabin boy and hires on to one of His Majesty’s treasure fleet vessels. But has her flight from a known threat only led her to be ensnared in a sea of dangers?
Florida, Present Day
Marine photographer Summer Arnet will go anywhere to capture the perfect shot--even dive into waters haunted by great white sharks, if it will help get her work noticed. When a treasure hunter with a ladies-man reputation approaches her about a sunken ship, she’s all ears. This may be her best shot at launching her career…if his charming smile doesn’t derail her first.
A childhood tragedy has left a hole in Trent Carrington’s life—one he’s tried to fill with women, money, and adventure. When Summer doesn't fall for his charms, he's even more determined to win her over.
As the pair plunge into the mystery of the shipwreck, stakes escalate, and both wounded hearts become entangled in a romance they weren't expecting. The hunt for treasure is no longer a game of fortune and fame.
It’s no longer a game at all.

My Thoughts
Part of me is mad at myself for not discovering this author sooner, the other part of me is delighted that I have a backlog to read! This is my fifth story from her and every single thing I’ve read has been absolutely amazing!
Split-time books can be tricky but the stories flowed seamlessly back and forth and I never once got lost as to which timeline I was in.
I loved all of the characters and was completely invested in both stories. Trent was a little cocky but on him it was charming. His shameless flirting to get a rise out of Summer brought many a smile to my face! I absolutely loved Trent and Summer together, their banter with each other was hilarious and the sparks between them were undeniable! Neither of them were following God as the book began and it was cool to see the way God drew them to Himself.
The historical story was riveting. Isabella didn’t have an easy life but I admired her determination to do what she had to do to make her own way in the world. I loved the relationship between Isabella and Captain Montoya and I wish we could have seen more of their life together!
Basically I loved this book and I’m going to immediately start book two!

Meet the Author
A Carol award finalist and Selah award winner, Sarah Monzon is a stay-at-home mom who makes up imaginary friends to have adult conversations with (otherwise known as writing novels). As a navy chaplain's wife, she resides wherever the military happens to station her family and enjoys exploring the beauty of the world around her.


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