Friday, September 15, 2006

Blog Unveilings

My blogs have a new look! Not this one (obviously); I'm content with its template and loath to transfer all the links.

First, Christian Music switched from a classical look with rock icons to a bold green/hot pink/black template, which I created by tweaking the results of a template generator (story of the tweaking here). Take a look and let me know what you think!

Then, there's the recently started Waterfall Books. This is the online presence for my review enewsletter which will launch in January (to subscribe, send a blank email here). I'll gradually post reviews on the site after they release in the newsletter - so if you want them first, you need to subscribe.

I also have a quandry. When I began to develop the Reviewing Christian Novels site, I didn't know I'd make the name Waterfall Books, my online moniker. But, since it's my online moniker, I saved several months back. Should I switch to the waterfallbooks URL, or keep my current one? Vote below!

Benefits of reviewingchristiannovels:
  • Tells what the site's about
  • Similar to this blog address
  • Already set up

Benefits of waterfallbooks:
  • Title of newsletter
  • Shorter URL

Which do you prefer? Let me know:

Which URL should I use?
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Cristina said...

Hey! Thanks for visting my blog. You have a pretty good blog yourself. God Bless!

Living for Him,

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...


I voted for waterfallbooks because it sounds so cool. But if you are out to try and bring in new readers, the other one is more practical. I'm sure you'd get more search traffic. Well, not "sure."

You know way more how all this works than I do.


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