Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I've been too busy to give Edenstar Books and Games more than a cursory glance for this CSFF blog tour, so be sure to visit the blogs below for better opinions. The site boasts more than 600 products relating to Christian fantasy and science fiction. The page format seems very kid and parent friendly. I found the game section rather sparse and LOTR-dominated (where's Narnia Stratego, guys? I love that game), and was a bit puzzled by the Bible games which seemed to have no tie-in to the site's subject matter. Also, the inclusion of books such as T. L. Hines' Waking Lazarus pushed the site's range to quite a broad interpretation of CSFF (I'd call it speculative, maybe, but definitely not fantasy or science fiction).

The "hard-to-find" page within the kids' section was the most intriguing, giving the titles of additional Exitorn adventures (had reviewed the first two from BJU Press) and several books by Thomas Locke (aka T. Davis Bunn).

Jim Black
Jackie Castle
Valerie Comer
Bryan Davis
Beth Goddard
Leathel Grody
Karen Hancock
Elliot Hanowski
Katie Hart
Sherrie Hibbs
Sharon Hinck
Joleen Howell
Jason Joyner
Tina Kulesa
Kevin Lucia
Rachel Marks
Shannon McNear
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Cheryl Russel
Mirtika Schultz
Stuart Stockton
Steve Trower
Speculative Faith


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