Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Flyleaf and Title Trakk

My review of Flyleaf is up at Keepin' On! Check it out for info on this great hard rock debut album.

And speaking of music and reviews, Title Trakk, a new book and music review site, launches this month. More than just reviews, this site has interviews, weekly surveys, first chapters, and a huge prize pack giveaway to celebrate the launch (CDs by Superchic[k], Tree63, Paul Coleman, and others, plus 15 novels). Mention my name when you sign up for the giveaway!

Other news: I'm 3,500 words into my fantasy novel and loving it. It's neat to see how my writing methods have changed since my last rough draft and how I'm adapting them for the different genre. I tend to zoom through the story without describing much in the way of setting, but I've found a way to counteract that. I write until a good stopping point, then come back the next day or so and edit the scene, adding more details. The little bit of distance lets me see errors of flow and timing, choose better words, and balance thoughts with action.

While this means the book will take longer to write, the first draft will be more like a second or third draft. I've already gotten positive feedback on the first scene, which I plan to post online once I'm a little further into the writing.


C.J. Darlington said...

Thanks for the great plug for TitleTrakk, Katie! And I, too, really enjoyed Flyleaf's latest.

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