Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Something That Lasts

I didn't get a copy of Something That Lasts by James David Jordan for the blog tour this month, but I figured I'd give it a plug. It looks interesting. I mean, how many books have a man walking forward in a megachurch, accusing the pastor of adultery with his wife, and then shooting himself. Nah. Not your everyday read. But others on the blog tour have more informed opinions than I do, so scroll down to the links under Christian Fiction Blog Alliance on the sidebar to read what they have to say.

Things are progressing well with Waterfall Books. I'm still deciding a lot of things and could use your input. One choice: would you prefer sneak previews of the first issue posted here as we count down the weeks, or would you prefer all new material in the newsletter? And I still need your vote (unless you're Becky Miller, my sister Anna, or one of the other two people who already voted) in the URL poll two posts down.

And above all these, please subscribe and tell others to subscribe to Waterfall Books. I promise not to spam you or share your email with anyone. You'll only get important updates (like chances to win free books) and the monthly newsletter.


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