Thursday, September 14, 2006

Squat - CFBA

"We live in a squat. We don’t know squat. We don’t have squat. We don’t do squat. We don’t give a squat. People say we’re not worth squat."

Squat, the story of a homeless young man in New York City, is quite different from most of the books I read. The whole story takes place in 24 hours, while the obsessive-compulsive and childlike Squid tries to avoid getting caught by Saw, who he cheated out of $100.

Taylor Field knows his subject matter well, having worked in inner city New York for twenty years. All of his proceeds from this book go to the service arm of the church he pastors there.

None of the characters captured my sympathy right away, and I only felt a few connections to some of them throughout the book. It was well-written; just not my type of book. To read the first chapter, click on the FIRST button on the sidebar or a few entries down. Be sure to visit other CBFA blogs (links on the sidebar under the CBFA button) for more opinions about this novel.


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