Friday, September 29, 2006

Violet Dawn

I'm a bit late on this post about the incredibly well-written Violet Dawn, by Brandilyn Collins.

Plagued by insomnia, Paige Williams steps into her hot tub one night and finds a corpse. She can’t tell the police, and so must make an unthinkable choice – one that will affect the entire small town of Kanner Lake.

The town has a cast of eccentric and lovable characters – Bailey Truitt, owner of the Java Joint, a local hangout. Vince Edwards, the police chief still grieving the son killed in Iraq. Leslie Brymes, a young journalist wanting to make it big. Wilbur Hucks, an ornery coot who insist on showing everyone he meets his triple-bypass scar.

Brandlyn Collins gives her signature seatbelt suspense a different twist in this new series. She spreads her depth of characterization over a town full of people. To tie-in with her new series, Brandilyn created a blog which features posts from the novel’s supporting cast, where readers can go to learn more about the characters. Readers of her regular blog auditioned for roles in the Scene and Beans blog.

Pick up this great book today!


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