Friday, October 05, 2012

Book Blogger Hop: Banned Books

Book Blogger Hop
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This Week's Question:
 Banned Books Week ends on the 6th. How do you feel about books being challenged to be banned from libraries or schools? Have you read any banned books?

My Answer:
Honestly I have no real opinion on banned books. I feel that there are some books that need to be kept in appropriate places in order to protect the minds of children but other than that I'm pretty chill. I actually don't know what books are actually considered "banned" but I doubt I've read many if any at all since I try to read mostly just Christian.


Lizzy said...

Well, I can agree that 50 Shades of Grey doesn't belong in a Christian bookstore...ever. I'm happy that although you don't like or read certain books/genres, you aren't against other people reading them.

Elizabeth said...

Good question this week and you have a great answer.

Have a fun hop!!

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collettakay said...

I feel the same!

Here's my bbh:


Gigi Ann said...

After googling what the 100 top banned books were I found I had only read three of them, not because they are banned books, but because most of the banned books were not in genres I read.

Maria Behar said...

Hi! I]m one of your followers. I really should be reading more Christian fiction, because I do love it! I read other genres, as well, since I have an eclectic blog.

On the topic of banned books, I agree with you -- children's (and teens's) minds should be protected. As for adults, there's no accounting for taste. At least they can make informed decisions about their reading material. Younger people are often ill-equipped to do so.

So I don't think books should be banned, but children and teens should not have easy access to books that may traumatize them, or compromise their developing ethical systems.

If you want to read more, hop on over to my blog to check out my complete answer!

Thanks for sharing!! : )

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