Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top Ten Minor Characters

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I once again decided to choose an old topic rather than do the actual one for this week. I didn't want to do this one, A: Because it had a swear word in it, and B: Because I couldn't come up with ten. So I decided to go with my top ten minor characters. There are always those secondary characters that you just love, and here are ten of my favs!

Conner Young-Team Hope by Susan May Warren
I absolutely loved Conner in this series and I desperately wanted him to have his own book. He was the funny, lovable, geek, who you couldn't help but like. He deserved his own story and a girl!

Luther and Buff-Lassoed in Texas & Sophie's Daughters by Mary Connealy
These two were older guys who made it their personal job to watch out for the McClellan girls. They were kinda like those sorta crotchety uncles you can't help but love.

Tucker Newman-You Don't Know Me by Susan May Warren
It's kinda hard to describe Tucker. He was a broken teen looking for the love of a family, and your heart just kinda broke for him. He had done the whole bad boy route but is now doing everything in his power to be worthy of acceptance.

Marshall "The Kid" Vaughn-Discarded Heroes by Ronie Kendig
A funny prankster, he seems like the guy that would be fun to just hang with. I would say more but I might give something away so I gonna leave it at that.

Crockett, Jim, and Neill Archer-Short-Straw Bride by Karen Witemeyer
I loved the relationship that these brothers have and they are all just really fun characters. I was so happy when I discovered that Crockett is getting his own book!

Fortino Forelli-River of Time by Lisa T. Bergren
A pretty cool guy, who's fun, gentlemanly, a reader, and pretty brave to boot! Luca's my fav River of Time guy but Fortino is pretty high on the list!

Ruthie McGee-A Charmed Life by Jenny B. Jones
Ruthie is a fun, quirky character that makes you laugh!

Midge-Prairie Promises by Kelly Eileen Hake
It took me a bit to warm up to Midge but once I did I loved her. She was always match-making and being funny and I loved her little love story in the final book of the series!

Vera & Oren-Unending Devotion by Jody Hedlund
I loved Oren's over-protective daddy bear-ness, it was pretty adorable. And Vera was a spitfire with a sense of humor.

Hattie-Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek by Mona Hodgson
A fun, matchmaking, middle aged lady who you couldn't help loving! I was glad she got some of the spotlight in the last book of the series!


Nancy Kimball said...

I was also quite happy to learn Crockett would be getting his own book. Karen Witemeyer knows how to write a great hero!

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