Monday, October 01, 2012

Monthly Reflections #9: September 2012


Well this month was pretty pitiful compared to all of my others, reading wise. I read so many books last month that I was kinda burnt out at the beginning of this month, but I'm back into the swing of it so hopefully this month will be better. I missed my reading goal by two but exceeded my review goal by the same number so I guess it evens out! I read 13 books and wrote 7 reviews!

Books I Read
My favorite from this month was definitely Trinity: Military War Dog, that book was AWESOME! Close second was Unending Devotion which was amazingly good! Of course Waterfall is a fav but since it was a reread I'm not counting it!

Reviews I Wrote:

Challenge Joined
I decided to join the Fall Into Reading challenge hosted by Callapidder Days. Click here to see my goal and what books I plan on reading!

In October I Hope To:
Read at least 15 books
Write at least 5 reviews


Melanie said...

Wow, I can't believe it! I actually read more than you last month! I don't think that'll happen again. I hope you reach your goal for October and looking forward to the buddy read on Goodreads. :)


Abbi Hart said...

@Melanie-haha-yeah I was pretty shocked at my low reading for this month. But you may beat me again in the future-we shall see! Woohoo for the Buddy read! Can't wait to start!

danicapage said...

Wow nearly all of these are ones I've been dying to read/ now need to read. And I can understand having a slow month, that was April for me.

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