Monday, September 01, 2014

Monthly Reflections #32: August 2014


Wow August just flew by! Thankfully I was able to fit reading into those flying days and finished a total of 17 books which was seven more than my goal! I made my review goal of 7 reviews exactly so August was definitely a success! 
As the year is winding to a close I took a look at the progress I'm making on my reading challenges. Several are either completed or almost done but there are a few that I really need to get cracking on. I'm hoping to get a game plan together this month and start knocking some off the list!

Books I Read
I loved almost every one of the books I read this month so picking a favorite is absolutely impossible!

Reviews I Wrote:

In September I Hope To:
Read 12 books
Write 8 reviews
Read 1/4 of Les Miserables


Michelle said...

I love the `Love Inspired` books.
`A Match of Wits` looks interesting.
I believe I have a Janice Thompson book on my Kindle.
Good luck on your reading goals for September.

Abbi Hart said...

Michelle-Love Inspired books tend to be hit or miss for me but there are quite a few that I love! A Match of Wits was amazing and Janice Thompson books always provide a good fun read! Thank you!

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