Monday, September 15, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? #139

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Here is what I finished last week:
Well I made my goal for this week though I was secretly hoping to get more done! I really enjoyed all of these reads and it was a pretty great reading week!

What I am currently reading:
I am back into my reading way too many books at once phase and I'm loving it! I have to paperbacks that I'm going back and forth between (they are really good though I've just begun them!), a kindle read, a classic, a daily devo, and an devotional book!

What I hope to read this week:
Hoping to finish this read-a-thon with a bang but we'll see!

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Hope you have a great reading week, thanks for taking the time to check out mine!
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Kimberly @ Turning the Pages said...

Whoa! You have a crazy amount of reading ahead of you and behind you. I hope you love all your reads this week.
My It's Monday! Post
-Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

Aizel Macaldo said...

Wow! You're reading a lot! I wish I have the time to read that much! Happy reading! :)

Unknown said...

I keep telling myself I am going to read Legend, Here is my Monday but someting on my TBR keeps bullying its way in! LOL

Anonymous said...

Ooo what did you think of "The Princess Spy"! I plan to read it soon! :)

Here is my Monday:

Unknown said...

great week!:) congrats on doing well on your goals on TBR and everything!

Here's My Monday!

Julie @ Smiling Shelves said...

So many of those books look so good! I love Siri Mitchell, but I haven't read that one by her. Enjoy your reading this week!

Abbi Hart said...

Kimberly-So far everything has been great!

Aizel-This is a calm before the storm reading craze! I know I will have little to no reading time in the next few weeks so I am grabbing what I can!

Guy-Same here! Hoping I finally get to it this week!

Laura-It was so good, just like all of her books!


Abbi Hart said...

Julie-I have read a bunch of her books too but never got around to this one even though several of my sisters absolutely love it!

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