Friday, December 21, 2012

Book Blogger Hop: A Failed Goal

Book Blogger Hop
Hosted this week by: Tea Time With Marce

This Week's Question:
What book were you determined to read this year and you still didn't pick up? Is it at least on your bookshelf or ereader?

My Answer:
My goal for this year was to at least read all of the books that I owned prior to 2012, and at this point I have 3 that are still unfinished. I am currently reading one of them and I will do my utmost best to finish the other two!


Vonnie said...

That's a pretty good job in trying to read all of the books you owned prior to 2012. I think I read about 20 from my "old" pile out of the 90-some books I've read so far.

My answer

Marce said...

Thanks for participating in the Hop.

You have done amazing with your goal, I am totally impressed.

Elizabeth said...

You are doing great if got all of them read but three. My pre-2102 books are still toppling.

I actually got to start mine on the plane yesterday. My post will explain the book and WHY I needed to start it. :)

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Silver's Reviews

Anonymous said...

That's great that you have almost all read. I see from your Reading Challenge page that you read a lot of books and from your archive that you've been blogging for awhile. That's inspiring as I am just starting out.

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