Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Right Where I Belong by Krista McGee

About the Book
Natalia’s about to discover her place in the world . . . and it’s not following in her father’s footsteps.
After watching her father jump from one marriage to the next, Natalia has completely written off love. And when her father divorces his third wife—the only one who has been a mother to her—Natalia is ready to write him off too.
Needing a change of scenery, Natalia leaves her home in Spain and relocates with her stepmother to sun-soaked Florida. But she didn’t realize just how far a new school, a new culture, and a new lifestyle would push her out of her comfort zone.
One of her biggest surprises comes from Brian, a pastor’s son with an adorable smile, who loves God with a sincerity that astounds Natalia. She doesn’t want to fall for him, but she can’t seem to avoid him long enough to get him out of her mind.
Love is the last thing Natalia wants. Even so, God has her right where she belongs.

My Thoughts
I have enjoyed both of Krista McGee previous books and it was no different with this one! I love how, though this book is based on the biblical story of Ruth, the author didn't go crazy trying to make it the plot exactly the same, there was enough that you made the connection and that was it. 
I really liked both of the main characters. I felt like we got a lot more of Brian's story than we got of Jonathan or Chad's which I loved. Brian was really cool he had the perfect mix of goofiness and seriousness and seemed like one of those guys you wouldn't be able to help being friends with! 
Natalia was also pretty awesome! I loved how even though her father was rich she didn't act like a spoiled rich girl and I was quite impressed with how on fire for God she was. 
This was definitely another hit from Krista McGee!

About the Author
Krista McGee writes for teens, teaches teens, and is raising teens. Along with her husband and three kids, Krista has lived and ministered in Texas, Costa Rica, and Spain.


Amber Holcomb said...

Nice review! I totally agree with you about the plot connections with Ruth, and about Brian. :) It's a sweet read!

And may I add that I'm super curious about her upcoming dystopian series?? Have you seen the cover for Anomaly?


Abbi Hart said...

@Amber-Thanks! I'm looking forward to Anomaly too! I have seen the cover and also read the description and it sounds and looks pretty cool!

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