Saturday, December 01, 2012

Monthly Reflections #11: November 2012


Well this month was disappointing reading-wise! I only manage to read 10 books which I'm pretty sure is my all time low this year. In my defense I did have an entire week were I was literally busy from the moment I got up until the moment I collapsed into bed so I had no time for reading that week. And then there was Thanksgiving with all that that entails so maybe I should be glad that at least got 10 books done! I did manage to exceed my review goal and wrote 6 reviews!

Books I Read
So many of these were amazing and it's kinda hard to pick my favs but I think that the ones I loved the most were Deadly Pursuit and Jen Turano's books!

Reviews I Wrote:

In December I Hope To:
Read 15 books
Write 5 reviews


Melanie said...

Ohhh! You read some great books this month!! A few are some of my favs! I plan on reading Every Perfect Gift and A Change of Fortune when I can. :)

Thanks for participating! :) Hope you reach your goals this month.

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