Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bleeding Heart by Amber Stokes with Blog Tour Giveaway

About the Book
Five bleeding hearts. One profound journey.
Summer 1886
Sally Clay's livelihood has been snatched away, but in its place arises an opportunity to escape from her sordid past and an unrelenting, unwanted suitor. Boarding a train with a heartsick rancher and an enigmatic miner, she leaves Virginia City behind and heads to Northern California, waiting for the chance to make right what went wrong three long years before.
But the road to revenge is far from smooth. Sally soon learns that the jagged pieces of a broken heart can far too easily wound the hearts of others - and hers isn't the only heart that's broken. Tragedy and fear dog her steps as she flees from the redwood forests to the high desert and back again. Will her bleeding heart ever find a way and a place to heal?
A desperate soiled dove. Three men who come to care for her. One man determined to claim her.
All on a journey that will show them what true love really involves.

My Thoughts
I have been awaiting this book for awhile now! It started with discovering that my friend Amber was writing a book and was going to publish it, which made me happy to begin with, then I saw the cover (Gorgeous, right?!) and read the synopsis and an excerpt which got me really excited! So as I finally got to read it I had pretty high expectations and Amber met them!
The writing style was beautiful, and the story...let me just say that Amber knows how to play with your emotions keep you guessing! I never knew what awaited me as I turned each page and I was literally shocked on a few occasions! It was amazing how she packed such a great story into what was actually a rather short book! I highly recommend this book and eagerly await what Amber will write next!

About the Author
Amber Stokes has a Bachelor of Science degree in English and a passion for the written word - from
blogging to writing poetry, short stories, and novels. After her brief time at college in Oregon, she is now back home among the redwoods of Northern California, living life one day at a time and pursuing her passion via freelance editing and self-publishing her debut novel, Bleeding Heart.
I received an ebook ARC of this book free from the author in exchange for my review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Blog Tour Giveaway
The Bleeding Heart paperback is not pictured since it's not available yet, but the winner will be sent a signed copy as soon as it is. Giveaway is open to US residents only.

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Amber Holcomb said...

Aww, Abbi, I'm so happy Bleeding Heart met your expectations! :) Thank you so much for being excited about the book and for reading and reviewing it! *Hugs*


Abbi Hart said...

Amber-You are SO welcome and it was my pleasure! *Hugs back* :)

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