Thursday, August 29, 2013

How Different...A Tag

Grace@Fictionally made up this tag and tagged me! Thanks Grace!

What To Do: This is a "make you think" tag. List three to five things that would be different in your life without fictional books, or fictional characters. When your through, tag three other people.

1) No Blog-If there weren't fiction books I would have no real reason to blog, especially since I am not the type to have deep thoughts that would make for good blog posts!

2) Less friends-This is a bit of a spin-off of #1 since I have "met" and become friends with so many awesome people through my blog that I really wouldn't have met any other way!

3) No Quoting-My family is constantly quoting movies and TV shows but without a fictional world there wouldn't be much to quote!

4) A lot more Non-Fiction reading-I can't imagine not having a love of reading so I'd probably be reading a lot more non-fiction especially history books!

5) More crafting and music-I enjoy crocheting and occasionally some cross-stitch, kitting, or rubber stamping so I'd probably do a lot more of that to fill my day and I'd probably listen to a lot more music to fill the silence in my head.

In short I can't imagine a life without fiction! As a shy and introverted girl who was homeschooled and lives at least 20 minutes from any form of entertainment it would be horrible not to have the fictional world to lose myself in! I would be so lonely and bored and my room would be empty since my bookshelves take up most of my space!

I'm Tagging:
Melanie@Christian Bookshelf Reviews
Rosie@Writings of Rosie
Caitlyn@Just Your Average Reviews


Melanie said...

What a fun post! Thanks for tagging me -- I'll try to get my post up soon. :)

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